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The Masked Saint Directors Cut - IN THE CAN

We just got back from VEGAS BABY where I tagged along with the hardworking (and handsome) director Warren P. Sonoda and editor Aden Bahadori to present the directors cut of The Masked Saint to its executive producers. The verdict --> everyone loves loves loves the film so far! There was hardly a dry eye in the room (or maybe that was just me bawling myself blind so I just assumed others followed suit). There are still visual effects to be added and sound issues to fix, but I think we'll have one heck of a film once it's all said and done. I'm so proud to be apart of this! Side note: Even though he was bound down most of the time with his business wheeling and dealings, Warren still found time to take me to an epic Briteny Spears concert! Whatakeeper. This trip was one giant WIN!

The above photo is a celebratory Vegas Dinner with Warren, myself, Holly Young, actress Ann Pirvu, EP Wanda Granstaff, EP Gary Granstaff, Producer David Anselmo, Editor Aden Bahadori, Lead Actor/Producer Brett Granstaff, and Producer Justin Kelly.

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