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The GW Channel is in Full Force!

Did ya'll know that it's been over a year now since the awesome ladies at the Gay Women Channel invited me to join their team? I happily jumped at the opportunity and it's been nothing but hilarity and fun ever since. The channel has almost 40 000 subscribers, has been featured on sites such as After Ellen & Funny Or Die, and the original Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends video (where lesbians explain what will happen if you don't support gay marriage) has reached over 5 million views! Highlights of mine include the Gay Woman Dates, The 6 Lesbians You Date Before You Die, Harlem Shake (Hipster Addition), Straight Girl at a Gay Bar (Honey Badger Parody)....and The Ikea Lesbian is just like, the best. Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo are the brilliant brains behind the series, and are now pumping out new material every Mongay and Wednesgay. Check out the new years resolution video above, and the tumbler account below for a plethora of fun and fabulousness.

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