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TOTAL FRAT MOVIE - frattin’ it up

Ever wonder if being a "frat brother" is as fun as it sounds? Well I can vouch that it sure the movies anyways! Hamilton Ontario became the new home of Alpha Kappa Zama (or something like that) throughout the month of August, while the hardworking cast and crew filmed shinanigan after shinanigan which will make up what is sure to be one HILARIOUS fratty film. Directed by the wonderful Warren P Sonoda, this film should be out next year. See its IMDB page for more info.

I play a character "Darla" who may pop up here and there. Most importantly, she popped up in this photo next to this talented man, whom Ive adorned since my teenaged fratty days. 'High five Tom Green' can now be checked off the ol' bucket list :D

TFM-Jen & Tom

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